For foreign businesses, the UK is one of the most complicated jurisdictions to strategically enter, with strict regulations and legislation at every step of the process.

You may not even know where to begin – or perhaps you just need your business plan fine-tuning to ensure you extract as much value from the venture as possible.

Whatever your situation, expanding into the UK is an ambitious venture not to be taken lightly. At taylorcocks, we are attuned to the many issues which may be troubling you in advance of your move:

    • is my business plan realistic?
    • have I got the right partners in place?
    • what about transfer pricing and double taxation?
    • how will I meet my domestic tax responsibilities?
    • and what about international regulations such as import duties, employment tax, remuneration and VAT?

Our tailored, friendly and practical service helps you introduce your business to the UK while staying compliant with the law. We have a team of experts who can help you decide which kind of trading structure is best for you and your business. Our support is wide-ranging, but includes:

    • registering your company
    • managing your tax implications
    • providing accountancy, compliance and assurance services
    • conducting audits
    • business advice and commercial guidance

Of course, once your company is up-and-running, we will continue to support you in a number of ways. We will ensure you pay as little tax as possible; that you will be maintaining your compliance while reducing risk; and that by providing you with strategic business advice you will benefit from all stages of the business growth cycle.