With two decades of experience in accountancy and financial compliance, we have built up an extensive level of insight across a range of sectors.

Our clients know that as well as understanding their businesses inside-out, we have a deep awareness of their industry – an awareness which offers them a competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

With our mission to cut through complexity, reduce your tax and maximise your commercial potential, by working with taylorcocks you’ll benefit from more than just a top-class accountant. You’ll benefit from a business adviser who has a specific understanding of your sector and the challenges affecting it.

For example:

  • we’ve helped several of our research and development clients exploit the R&D relief they were failing to claim
  • we’ve helped charities efficiently manage complex issues such as reserves policies, risk management and trustee responsibilities
  • manufacturers, meanwhile, blighted by fluctuations in exchange rates and rising commodity prices, have benefited from our advice on low-cost business models, strategic alliances, joint ventures and how to source investment